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Women's Room ( and CESI (

in partnership with

Organization Q ( and DEVE (

are pleased to announce



Transgressing Gender Conference:

Two is not enough for gender (e)quality

Zagreb , Croatia

7 – 9 October 2005 .


This conference will be the first of its kind in Central and South East Europe and it aims at combining concepts of feminist, transgender, and gender perspectives in search for more efficient mechanisms for furthering gender rights and freedoms.

We seek to initiate discourse on the interconnected issues of feminism, gender, and transgenderism in order to generate a better understanding of overlapping dimensions of gender oppression, violence, transphobia, and genderphobia , as well as to redefine and clarify existing definitions of gender.

This conference strongly seeks to empower trans people, intersex people, women, LGB populations, feminists, gender and human rights activists, to bridge gaps between them and create strategic alliances between diverse groups concerned with gender issues and gender freedoms.

The focus of the conference lies at the intersection of transgender and feminist perspectives and the implications of the subversion of traditional gender norms.



  • to introduce transgender issues to gender equality and feminist debates
  • to develop a discourse on the meanings and concepts of gender(s) and gender equality
  • to identify common grounds for action and form the basis (platform) for future (regional) actions and activities in order to empower broad gender rights movement
  • to foster dialogue between diverse groups concerned with gender and gender issues
  • to provide space for articulating experiences on pushing for inclusive gender politics
  • to produce theoretical and practical knowledge on the interconnectedness of concepts of gender, feminism, and transgender
  • to open up resources for further education on gender issues, freedoms, and rights


We welcome proposals for papers, presentations, and workshops that explore and critique the intersecting concepts of gender, feminism, and transgenderism through consideration of the following topics: body, sex, sexuality, patriarchy, politics, activism, communities, identity &practices, transphobia, genderphobia, heterosexism, language, theory, and violence.

The working language of the conference will be English; all proposals should be submitted in English. However, we are willing to accommodate a small number of presenters who need to present in local languages (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian). Submissions of 250-word proposals are due by July 10, 2005. The proposals should be sent to [email protected]. The selection board will choose papers, presentations, and workshops on the basis of their quality and the relevance to the conference goals. Selected participants will be notified no later than July 25, 2005. Outlines for workshops and presentations, and papers in their full and final version must be submitted by September 10, 2005.


Conference fee: 60 Euros; 30 Euros for students and unemployed.

Method of payment: cash, on site.

The fee covers conference materials, refreshments and lunch during the conference days. Presenters are not expected to pay conference fee, but must fill out the registration form. The registration form for the conference is available at

The Conference Team will provide assistance in reserving accommodation. However, we regret that we will be unable to cover travel and accommodation expenses for all participants. All applicants are strongly advised to seek funding from other sources.

There will be limited financial assistance for covering travel and accommodation expenses for the participants from the Central and South East Europe.

For more information and updates about the conference, and an application for financial support please visit

Please share this announcement with colleagues, friends, and random acquaintances who may be interested!

This conference is supported by COC Netherlands, Mama Cash, and Kvinna Till Kvinna.

Best regards,

Conference Team