Àlec Casanova   Transsexuality In Spain: Close To Legal Solutions
Anne Koch-Rein   Intersexuality - In the “I” of the norm? Queer field notes from Eugenides’ Middlesex
Anne Koch-Rein   Cutting Both Ways: transSurgery and the discursive currency of the cosmetic
Birgit Dorle Binder   Drag Kinging – practices of resistance & productive counter-discourse
Eszter Timar   Where Men are Empty Overcoats
Gabriela Mrkić and Joanne McClay   SELF-DISCRIMINATION: obstacle that block accomplishing goals and normal functioning in society for Sexual-Minority(LGBT)
Persson B. Baumgartinger and Vlatka Frketić   How to strike the aggressor dumb or Feminist strategies against transphobia
Igor Marković   Cyborgs as (Post-Modern) Centaurs: Will and Desire to (became) Other
Irene Dioli   The social relevance of female homosexuality
Iva Radat   Haute Tension: Lesbian Audience and the Slasher Film
J. Edgar Bauer   GENDER AND THE NEMESIS OF NATURE: On Magnus Hirschfeld's deconstruction of the sexual binary and the concept of "sexual human rights."
Jelisaveta Blagojević   Some Notes on Queer Theory and/or Queer Politics
Joz Motmans   Equal opportunities for bisexuals, intersexed and transgender/gendervariant people
Jozef Miskolci   Always between the Two
Justus Eisfeld   Community building
Kara Lynch   Genderfuck films and videos
Katarzyna Woynicka and Maria Adamczyk   Masculinity in Crisis,really so?
Kateřina Nedbálková   Gender of prison / the prison of gender
Kevin Moss   "Ja nisam prava žena": Gender and Sexuality in Two Memoirs from Beograd
Lilian Janus   De/Re Constructing Gender
Marta Sanchez   Reaching the Silent Survivors
Nora Hangel   Reflections on contemporary philosophical challenges to human rights
Papagena Robbins   Can the Gender Abjected Transform the Gender Subjected?: Performance, Performativity, and Gender Identity Subversion in Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Sean Edgecomb   “It was simply human…” Gender Subversion in Children’s Performance
Simon Gunkel   Biology versus Biologism – On the current use of sex in biology
Tea Hvala   Intersexuality In Science Fiction
Anna Kirey and Dan Orsekova  

Presentation of small research project “Living as kyz bala in Kyrgyzstan”

Jet moon and Alex woodland  

’on the border’ - sadomasochism, gender-fuck and the inter-relationship to no border politics'

Agnieszka Kłos


„Beautiful Perverts and the Brave World of Nan Goldin"

Yuriy Zikratyy


Politics of transgender exclusion in gay men self-normalizing strategies