Cold Chain Drug Distribution

cold chainPharmaceutical Temperature Controlled Storage.
Temperature controlled storage is essential for many pharmaceutical items, including certain drugs and vaccines. This is because these items need to be kept at a certain temperature in order to remain useable.

This cold storage is vital in situations where people rely on pills or injections and any compromise of quality or effectiveness could cause serious risk to the person’s health.

Temperature controlled storage for pharmaceutical items is available in all sizes, from small fridges to large units. Often big pharmaceutical companies or medical practices will need a significant space in which to store their items.

These storage needs can be solved by large container cold storage. These containers are often walk-in size to enable organisation and inventories of the stored items by staff.

These large format cold storage units can be stored outside buildings for easy access. This solves the need of having room for… Continue reading

Diabetes Life Insurance Underwriting

life insuranceUnderwriting Life Insurance For Diabetics and Diabetic Life Insurance Information.
Life Insurance Companies differ in their “underwriting philosophy” when it comes to diabetes. Offering life insurance for diabetics can be risky if the underwriters are not fully trained. Underwriters at the insurance companies that are fluent in underwriting diabetes have the ability to look at all of these factors and determine if the company will accept them as a risk. Moderately controlled diabetes cases would usually merit a “rating” or an increase in the premium, but not necessarily a declination for coverage. If the client with diabetes that is looking for life insurance is not controlled, then there are options – it will just cost them more for coverage!

Diabetic Life Insurance can be obtained no matter how severe the diabetes condition is. If the proposed insured has well controlled diabetes and a history of compliance with what the Doctor… Continue reading

Divorce Rates And Diabetes

divorce and diabetesIs There a Hike in Divorce Rate Due to Snoring?
Snoring is one of the most important health hazards, just as any other vital health issues, that are growing larger in numbers year after year. Snoring used to be something to laugh at and tease about but now it has been linked to a large number of life threatening problems that can not be ignored. In general, snoring can vary largely from person to person, but there is no mistake as to how much damage a long term snoring habit does to the snorer and the family.

The non-snorer can move out of the shared bedroom so they can have the solid amount of sleep that all our bodies and minds need to stay healthy. However, this can have undesirable effects as it increases tensions between a husband and a wife unnecessarily. It has been proven recently, that those that… Continue reading

Transporting And Storing Medications Using The Cold Chain

Cold ChainCold Chain Distribution Is a Life Saver.
Companies that manufacture temperature controlled packaging containers to support cold chain distribution are most certainly unsung heroes in today’s world. From transporting vaccines in the public health arena to safely delivering life-saving plasma to emergency situations, these experts provide the technology behind the safe and reliable distribution throughout the cold supply chain.

But, unless they’re part of the Cold Chain distribution supply chain, people aren’t likely to concern themselves with insulated shipping boxes, refrigerated shipping containers, or temperature controlled packaging. Only those who work in the pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, public heath, and military arenas fully understand the often life-or-death importance of cold chain distribution.

Basically, a “supply chain” is a system through which a product or service is delivered to a customer. Therefore, a cold chain distribution supply chain is the system through which temperature-sensitive items must be kept refrigerated. For instance, blood,… Continue reading

Caffeinated Or Decaffeinated For Diabetics

CaffeineType 2 Diabetes – Does Coffee, Caffeine Containing Drinks and Pills Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels?
You might wonder how there could be any sort of connection between coffee and your blood sugar levels. After all, coffee in its native form does not have any sugar in it! Wouldn’t that make it one of the safest drinks you could possibly consume?

Caffeine and Blood Sugar Levels: Unfortunately, coffee also tends to contain caffeine, a stimulant that is found in all kinds of different drinks. But it always has similar effects, no matter where you get it from. Caffeine has been shown to do more than just interrupt sleep, cause sweating and make people jittery. It has also been shown in studies to cause people’s blood sugar levels to soar, and also to cause their insulin levels to go crazy.

One problem this leads to is a lot of people actually… Continue reading

Essential Resources For Diabetics

diabeticThe Stepwise Approach For Diabetes Management.
A healthy and well-functioning mind and body is a gift. It is a necessity as well. For a person to be able to get hold of this gift and necessity, they should learn to appreciate it. One way of expressing this appreciation is to be mindful of yourself and your health. Your path to health and fitness is trodden primarily by you alone. It is your body and you have complete control over it granting you are capable. The capability of you taking control of your health and yourself is more often a matter of choice. People normally make a living to earn and gain resources.

These resources we use to sustain ourselves- food, clothing and shelter as the basics, indulgences and luxuries on the further end. We make a living to literally and figuratively live. For that, we need a strong and able… Continue reading

Diabetes And Divorce

DivorceWhy People Become Diabetic.
Why people become diabetic is not always quite as simple as we have been led to believe. Bad eating habits certainly can result in Type 2 diabetes, but this popular modern notion clouds a previously found truth that it can also be genetically inherited.

As much as bad eating habits can influence whether we become diabetic or not, our individual metabolisms and the amount of exercise we do can also react with/against the genes we have inherited.

If we are genetically disposed towards heart problems, our diabetes is more likely to raise our blood pressure and our cholesterol levels, even if we are not overweight. This can add other significant concerns to the disease and can mean we need to take several different types of medication each day.

Another common cause of the disease is triggers. Long-term stress, such as single parenting, an unpleasant divorce, the… Continue reading

Diabetes Health Coverage

diabetes health insuranceHealth Insurance for Diabetics.
Recently, I’ve had a lot of requests for an alternative to health insurance for diabetics. The case of one gentleman, in particular, has lingered on my mind.

The man who I will refer to as “Bob” has what is called Type II, or Late Onset Diabetes. My own dad has this condition as well, so I am aware of the tremendous health struggles and monetary cost that can come as a result.

One fortunate thing for Daddy is that he was well covered with health insurance long before he became ill. Bob was not so lucky. He had no type of coverage at all when he received the surprise diagnosis of diabetes.

Do you know that once a doctor has made a chart note, or included a lab result in your chart, suggesting that your blood sugar is high (or that you are “pre-diabetic”) your odds… Continue reading

Diabetes And Dental Care

diabetes dental careDiabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which there is insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas in your body or alternately the cells in the body do not respond to the insulin produced; both these factors result in non-absorption of blood sugar by the body cells.

This condition can be identified by symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, hunger and lethargy. Depending on the type of diabetes you might have to take either oral medications or insulin injections in addition to changing your diet.

Diabetes and oral healthcare

The condition of diabetes affects the total body functions which includes your mouth. The blood sugar level in a diabetic will be high in the mouth that can cause oral health problems. The diabetes when uncontrolled impairs the white cells in your blood which is necessary for fighting bacterial infections that can occur in your mouth. In addition to… Continue reading

Health Insurance For Diabetics

Helath InsuranceWhile health insurance is important to everyone, it is especially important to someone with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that must be carefully controlled. Plus, even with tight controls, there may be complications as time goes on.

Unfortunately, with the exception of only 5 states, health insurance is medically underwritten. This means that you must answer certain medical history questions and qualify for the health insurance plan. Diabetes, in most instances, will make you ineligible for a private health insurance plan.

There are still alternative plans and methods for a diabetic to secure health insurance. This article will give you an overview of how to obtain a health insurance plan with diabetes.

Group Health Insurance

If you work for an employer who offers group health insurance your problem is over. Group health insurance is guaranteed issue and you cannot be declined for any pre-existing condition. Furthermore, even if you never… Continue reading

Learn About Early Diabetes Symptoms

diabetes symptomsDiabetes Symptoms – Learn to Spot the Symptoms of Diabetes Early.

If you pay attention to your body, you can spot diabetes symptoms early and have a far better chance to reverse the disease before it becomes severe. Remember that Type 2 diabetes mellitus is practically always a preventable disease. You never have to experience the symptoms of diabetes type 2 – if you are willing and ready to make a firm commitment to healthy living today.

Diabetes Types:

There are several types of diabetes and most are preventable. Type 1 diabetes mellitus has no definitively-known causes and/or cures. This is also called insulin-dependent diabetes and is characterized by a complete lack of pancreatic function.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, the most common type, is almost always able to be prevented through modifications in eating habits and exercise levels. Type 2 diabetes accounts for over 90% of all diabetes mellitus cases.… Continue reading

Will Coffee Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Giant-Coffee-CupType 2 Diabetes – Does Drinking Coffee Help Increase the Risk of Developing Diabetes?

Several research studies show good news for many coffee drinkers. According to a study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in February 2012, coffee drinking is likely to help prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes without increasing the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

Investigators at the German Institute of Human Nutrition looked at coffee drinking and the risk of:

•Type 2 diabetes,
•heart attacks,
•strokes, and

The study included 42,659 participants taking part in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)-Germany study. Coffee drinking and diagnoses were followed for 8.9 years…

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•coffee drinking participants had only 77 per cent of the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes as non-coffee drinkers.
•the risk of developing heart and blood vessel… Continue reading

Diabetic Diet Information

Type2SSDiabetes is a chronic disease affecting one’s ability to manage their blood sugar internally. As a result, sufferers of Diabetes are required to manage their blood sugar levels through diet, exercise, and injection of insulin. With 1.6 million new cases per year, there is a growing need for accurate diabetic diet information.

The most effective diets that diabetics can use to manage their blood sugar effectively are diets where total calories and carbohydrates are controlled. Because carbohydrates are broken down to create blood sugars, controlling the intake through specialized diets are the best way to keep blood sugar levels under control. There are several types of popular diets that can be adapted to suit the dietary requirements of a diabetic. Low-carb, high fiber, high protein diets are the most common. There are also diets that set a level of calories not to be exceeded as the more calories ingested, the… Continue reading

Life Insurance For Diabetics

diabetesIf you have diabetes and need life insurance you may be finding it difficult to locate an affordable plan.

There is no one best provider for all diabetics, because the prices and availability can vary by person, depending on several individual risk factors, which may include: age, gender, health condition, family health history, height and weight, how long you have been a diabetic, and how you manage your diabetes.

Today, even if you are insulin dependent, you may be able to find affordable insurance for diabetics through a highly-rated insurance company that specializes in insuring diabetics.

There’s no promise that every diabetic may find the life insurance they need, but if you are keeping your diabetes in check with a proper diet and exercise routine, and watching your weight, you may be able to find affordable life insurance protection that meets your personal needs, and fits your budget.

Check out… Continue reading

How To Reverse Diabetes – Fighting The Lifestyle Disease

It is no secret that diabetes is on the rise. In fact recent medical news states, it is reaching epidemic levels. It is like a plague that is sweeping across the United States and around the world. What is really troubling about it is that we are doing it to ourselves. Diabetes (in most cases) is a lifestyle disease. The good news is that since it is a lifestyle disease, we can fight it by helping people change their lifestyles. In many cases, people have actually been able to reverse diabetes.

I personally believe that a big part of why people do not take diabetes seriously is that they do not understand just how dangerous the disease is. Many people think that it if they are diagnosed, they will simply need to take a shot each day and they will be fine. What they do not realize is that they… Continue reading

Three Promising Natural Supplements For Diabetic Patients

When patients are diagnosed with diabetes they are advised to improve their diet, exercise and lose weight. These natural remedies for diabetes become the cornerstone of their treatment. Natural health products are key to fighting diabetes head on. In that same vein, patients may become more interested in natural ways to reduce blood sugar levels and may seek help from supplements. With so many supplements to choose from it may be difficult to find ones that will actually help the diabetic patient. Unfortunately much research is still needed before any of these substances can become widely used for diabetic patients. However, below is a list of promising natural substances that may help diabetic patients.

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid is a very powerful antioxidant. This substance helps the body remove damaging particles and is thought to also play a role in sugar metabolism. Alpha lipoic acid… Continue reading

In Depth With Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disorder that affects at least 346 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organization. Diabetes has become more noticable with the advent of fast food and the lack of physical exercise. The blame is not on fast food, but they are part of the problem. Lacking a core exercises routine and a balanced diet will lead you down the path of possibly getting diabetes. It is the most common of the endocrine disorders and at its most basic level, it is the body’s inability to produce enough insulin or respond to insulin which results in a person having very high blood sugar levels. Insulin is the hormone that regulates the uptake of glucose (sugar) by the body’s vital organs. There are various types of diabetes. Let’s discuss the types and treatment so you know what the risks are and how… Continue reading

Type 2 Diabetes – Improving Blood Sugar After Stomach Bypass Surgery!

Gastric bypass surgery, which makes the stomach smaller and allows food to bypass part of the stomach, is often used for both weight control and Type 2 diabetes help. I know some people who would love to scuba dive, but they are too big to do it, which is case they tunr to a quick fix with bypass surgery. Some diabetics have had excellent results with it, but scientists continue to search for ways of improving blood sugar levels in more people with Type 2 diabetes. Researchers at the Imperial Weight Centre of the Imperial College of London in the UK looked at the possibility of improving blood sugar control with a new plan.

Their study, published in November 2011 in the journal Obesity Surgery, tested a plan for blood sugar control after a surgical operation termed Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, or RYGB. Ninety-nine people who had… Continue reading

Type 2 Diabetes – What To Look For In An External Pump

For many people an external insulin pump is the convenient way for a diabetic to be sure they are getting a steady dose of insulin as needed. But are all insulin pumps created equal? Not exactly. There are some key areas that you will need to consider in a model if you are in the market to purchase one. Another area to look into in correlation to the insulin pump is becuase testosterone helps men reduce body fat and improves the way the their bodies handle insulin. Regulation is a key factor.

First, you need to look at who the model is designed for. There are actually kid-friendly versions that have a feature for delivering the equivalent of a child’s dose of insulin. This keeps the child, a parent, or another child from accidentally administering too much of the drug. If the pump is for an adult, this feature is… Continue reading

Unique Ideas For a Diabetic Breakfast, Even In a Hurry!

As a diabetic it can sometimes be hard to find something to eat-and-run, especially at breakfast. For those who are traveling check out the restaurants in Boise and their lite menu breakfast items. However, when you are at home and not on the road the recipes in this article will give you ideas for a quick, easy, and tasty diabetic breakfast. Granola Bars are often high in sugar, the same is true of muffins. Biscuits aren’t the best thing for a diabetic, either. So it can often be hard to fine an eat-on-the run breakfast. The Breakfast Panini makes an excellent breakfast sandwich for a busy person. And the Scrambled Egg Pocket sandwich below form is perfect to grab and go.


4 slices whole-grain bread of your choice
1/4 cup chopped bell pepper
1 thinly sliced green onion
1/3 cup cooked ham, chopped… Continue reading

Type 1 Diabetes And New Medical Developments That Are Giving Diabetics Hope

December is the time of year of many holiday celebrations that involves eating more food than usual and consuming alcohol. For those with diabetes it is okay to have custom wooden wine racks in your home filled with some nice red wines because a glass or two a week mixed into your diet should be fine. Be sure to check with your physician before changing your diet. Special holiday sweets – cookies, candies, cakes, and pies – are always part of the merrymaking that most people look forward to creating and eating. It helps draw our attention to a disease that limits thousands of Americans from indulging in traditional holiday sweets.

Its also fitting that as the month of holiday miracles, December may also be symbolic in inspiring hope for diabetics everywhere. In fact, starting December 1, 2011, there are new treatment trials on the horizon… Continue reading

Type 2 Diabetes – The Metabolic Syndrome And Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The metabolic syndrome consists of high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol, high blood fats, obesity and high blood pressure. Smoking does not help those in suffering form this either. Although if you must smoke swith to an electronic cigarette to minimize the effect. I suggest quitting altogether. Inflammatory bowel disease consists of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two conditions involving the large intestine. Researchers in the Department of Gastroenterology, Goztepe Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, set out to discover whether the two conditions could be associated. The results of their work were published in the Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology in the month of November 2011.

Sixty-two participants with Crohn’s disease and 115 volunteers with ulcerative colitis were included in the study…

  • 34 participants with ulcerative colitis, and
  • 11 with Crohn’s disease

were found to have the metabolic syndrome. The metabolic syndrome was found… Continue reading

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes And The Flu!

The correlation with daibetes to cancer is still being researched, but getting the flu can be especially dangerous for someone who has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. This is because getting sick in any way can wreak havoc on a diabetic’s blood sugar levels. In addition, being sick can affect how much and how often you eat. It can also affect what you are able to eat. If you have a cold and sore throat, you may not be able to eat normally which can greatly affect your blood sugar levels.

Having diabetes makes people more susceptible to severe cases of the flu because of a weakened immune system. This is one of the reasons why many doctors recommend anyone diagnosed with diabetes get the influenza vaccination each year to give them that extra layer of protection over the potentially deadly illness. Just because you have diabetes, this… Continue reading

Type 2 Diabetes – Gestational Diabetes and Sugar Intolerance!

Much has been written about gestational diabetes, or the diabetes that develops during pregnancy, and the development of Type 2 diabetes after such pregnancies. Researchers at the National Medical Center of Mexico looked at women who had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and given birth, to determine how frequently they might develop sugar intolerance, the cause of Type 2 diabetes. Their results were published in November 2011 in the journal Gynecological and Obstetrical Investigations. An additional study is being performed on the effects of vacation and Type 2 diabetes. By vacation, I mean taking the time to relax–not be laxy, but relax. If you can afford a big trip to St. Pete Beach Florida or even stay at home take the time to relax and not stress or worry about what you cannot control.

Fifty-two women were tested 6 weeks after delivery:

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Knowledge is Power

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